Achievements of different networks in Calvinet

Worksite in Calvinet

Achievements of different networks in Calvinet


In addition to the construction of metal bridges or concrete structures, Matière® regularly carries out earthworks and piping.


Matière® is currently working in Calvinet, in Cantal to arrange rue du Pavé, rue du Fossé and rue Eustache de Beaumarchais. This job concerns the realization of the various networks of rainwater, wastewater, AEP and dry networks of the municipality.

Achieved works:


Rainy waters

• trench ​​opening: 850 ml;
• laying of PVC pipes ø400, ø315, ø200 and ø125: 850 ml;
• concrete laying ø1000: 20 u;
• special connection: 51 u.

Waste waters
• trench ​​opening: 800 ml;
• laying PVC pipes ø200, ø160 and ø125: 800 ml;
• concrete laying ø1000: 21 u;
• special connection: 53 u.

Drinking water network
• extended width trench: 650 ml;
• PVC pressure installation ø100 and ø63: 550 ml;
• special connection with existing installation;
• counter + counter box: 45 u.

Electrical networks
• BT:
– Sliced ​​opening: 1,050 ml;
– Sheath ø110: 1,050 ml;
– Sheath ø75: 820 ml.


• France Telecom :
– Sheath 42/45: 2,850 ml;
– Chamber 42E: 6u;
– Chamber 41C: 2u;
– Connection hatchway: 10 u


earthworks and piping in Calvinet, France

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