Beam bridges




Overview and application areas


Beam bridges are structures that allow to connect two points and thus facilitate the crossing of impassable areas. This type of bridge is often found in urban zone and in the countryside as road bridges but also as footbridges for pedestrians or as railway bridges.


Technical details


Constructed from welded I-beams (or H-beams, depending on case), metallic beam bridges have the particularity to be able to adapt to the details of the landscape where they are installed.


  • The I-beams can get straight or curvilinear shape.
  • Likewise, the girder bridge can have several spans. The height of these can be of constant or variable height.
  • Depending on the case and the working environment, the beams can be continuous or isostatic.
  • The beams are generally parallel and are secured by means of spacers. They then accommodate a slab that will support the roadway. The whole assembly forms the deck.

Beam bridges are highly recommended as low-profile structures and have good mechanical performances.


Advantages of these structures


Beam bridges have many advantages. It is a bridge whose foundation is quite simple compared to other types of structures. The materials that compose this bridge are durable and require very light maintenance when the construction steps have been completed properly. The prefabrication of beams is advantageous not only technically, but also economically. Beam bridges possesses as well isostatic properties which allow the structure to remain almost completely insensitive to the subsidence of the ground.


The MATIERE® know-how


Equipped with a powerful machine for welded I-beams, Matière® can design, manufacture and install double or multi-beam metallic structures.

Thanks to its engineering department and the expertise of its engineers, Matière® also offers variable-inertia beam bridges with spans going up to 100 meters.


Our achievements: Beam Bridge


Since its beginnings, Matière® has been involved in the construction of numerous beam bridge projects, both in France and abroad. Discover below some of our achievements of last years.



Salars Bridge

This bridge has beams was built by Matière® in 2010 in the Aveyron. It is a 291.2-meter-long road structure consisting of 4 spans.


This double-girder bridge was built in the commune of Bergerac in 2011. Composed of a single span of 126 meters, it was built for road use and therefore supports daily heavy loads.


Built by Matière® in 2011-2012, the Chabanais bridge is a double-girder viaduct including 2 decks. The metallic superstructure was installed by launching technique.


Matière® intervened in Dax in 2012 taking part in the construction of a double-girder structure project at Pont-sur-Ardour.


This structure, built in 2014 in Cavaillon, demonstrates Matière®’s expertise in civil engineering. This girder bridge extends over 685 meters and includes 10 spans with a maximum of them of 80 meters.


Matière® took part in Villargondran in 2017 for the shifting of the PRA des Resses.