Benin: Presentation of the Womey threshing guide

Threshing guide in Benin

Benin: Presentation of the Womey threshing guide

Back on the Womey Project in Benin

A few months ago, we presented you with a new Matière® project located abroad, the Womey project in Benin. Our teams were tasked with installing a new PRS bridge. You can also find the details of the metal work and construction in this article.


What is a threshing guide?

A threshing guide is an equipment for carrying out pile driving as part of creating the foundations of a structure. It is also used to assemble and weld metal ladder girders, the metal structure of the bridge and the laying of slabs.


The Womey Bridge Threshing Guide

The construction of Womey Welded Composite Beams Bridge therefore required the use of a threshing guide. It consisted mainly of a mobile platform of 260t and 60m long to receive the various parts of the book. The platform also supports a crane with a capacity of 250 tonnes and allows teams to carry out assembly operations as the spans progress. That is to say 20 meters by 20 meters.


The threshing guide makes it possible to translate this platform on 16 roller chairs by pushing it by a system of jacks, then to block the platform during the piling operations of the piles guided vertically by removable lattice girder cages.

Designed and conceived entirely by Matière® engineers, the threshing guide was manufactured in record time by our Belgian subsidiary MBB. The commitment of our teams to the project has made it possible to meet particularly tight deadlines.


In addition to the inventiveness of our engineers and the responsiveness of our subsidiary, we must emphasize the adaptability and ingenuity of the assembly team who managed the assembly of the threshing guide, while building the scales of the  I-bealm bridge and managing the ongoing flow of deliveries of parts and components to the job site.

Just 15 months after signing the contract to build Womey’s 327-meter welded I-beam bridge and its threshing and launching guide, the company has again demonstrated its ability to innovate, and with this threshing guide a new technical leap.



Threshing guide Womey's project

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