Box girder bridges




Overview and application areas


Like most structures, box girder bridges are structure mainly composed of steel, pre-stressed concrete and reinforced concrete, materials that play a crucial role for the box girder rigidity. Box girder bridges are generally found on the motorway network but also in urban environments, facilitating the movement of public transport, especially subway trains.

They are also heavily involved in areas that are constrained to accommodate curved bridges in aim to adapt to specific landscapes.


Technical details


The special feature of such a bridge is to be able to be adapted to crossings structures with very low profiles, including very pronounced curved shapes.

What differentiates the box girder bridge from other types of structures, such as simple beam bridge, is its extraordinary resistance to twisting constraints.

The deck of box girder bridge is formed of a set of assembled box girders.

Another type of those bridges are single box girder bridges, the conception of these structures is slightly similar to beam bridges. The single box girder bridge consists of U-shaped or trapezoidal box girders according to the recommendations of the design office. Those special structures can cross up to 90 meters spans.

The erection of box girder bridges can be made by craning or launching.


Advantages and disadvantages of these structures

The box girders can be of a larger or smaller size and therefore carry on thicker slabs, thus constituting a more resistant bridge with larger spans.

However, these features necessarily impact the cost of such a structure.

The maintenance of this type of construction is also more constraining and requires the maintenance crews to operate directly inside the box girders.


The MATIERE® know-how

The technical mastery of Matière® employees and the quality of the tools and building materials make it possible to create remarkable, high-tech box girder bridges.

Generally, the box girders are assembled end-to-end in our production sites (Bagnac-sur-Célé, Charmes) or directly on building sites according to their length and the area accessibility.


Our achievements: box girder bridges


The box girder bridges are engineering structures of which Matière® has a strong experience. Below are some of numerous references of the company.




As part of his metal business, Matière® company went to Pontaix in the Drôme (France) in 2001. The aim was to build a box girder bridge, making easier the access to the center of the village.


This mixt-type (metal/concrete) box girder bridge was built by Matière® in 2005 near Toulouse, on the Palays road. Its trapezoidal deck is based on a metallic frame.


Matière® intervened in Haute-Garonne department (France) for the construction of a “mini box girder” type bridge. This road structure was installed by craning over the Canal du Midi.

La Tour-de-Salvagny

Matière® intervened on the A89-A6 for the construction of 2 curved caisson bridges.
This road construction was installed by crane.