Bypass of SANSAC RN 122 roundabouts of PAS DE RIEU and TRONQUIERE

Gyratory construction in Sansac

Bypass of SANSAC RN 122 roundabouts of PAS DE RIEU and TRONQUIERE

As part of the RN122 bypass, an axis that links Massiac to Figeac, the Matière® teams specializing in Earthworks and Pipelines were commissioned for the Pas du Rieu gyratory worksite in the municipality of Sansac-de-Marmiesse.


This work, worth € 54.6 million and financed under the 2015-2020 State-Region Plan Contract, will notably enhance the safety of motorists by avoiding the very pronounced curves of the RN 122, between west of Sansac-de-Marmiesse and the arrival on the agglomeration of Aurillac. One of the objectives of this work, is to facilitate the service of the zones of economic activities of the sector (Esban and La Sablière) and to improve the life of the residents living on the current RN 122 at the level of the communes of Ytrac and Sansac-de-Marmiesse.


The project involves a 13 km road including 10 km of new route, and 3 km of existing tracks (the Avenue du Garric in Aurillac and part of the RD 920) and a dozen works of art .

The company is currently working on construction works, under construction:

  • the creation of 2 roundabouts of 25 m radius (Pas du Rieu on RD 153 and Tronquière on RD 217);
  • the restoration of RD 53 and 253;
  • the connection of the RD 153;
  • restoration of access to the Ark;
  • the recovery towards the bowling pit;
  • the recovery and modification of the sanitation collection network;
  • the laying of public lighting ducts.


Developments are intended to be integrated in the complete deviation of Sansac-de Marmiesse where Earthworks / Sewerage teams will work soon.


Construction of gyratories for the bypass of Sansac

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