CM4 structure on the southern ring road of Arras

CM4 structure in Arras

CM4 structure on the southern ring road of Arras

Region by region, and structure by structure, Matiere® is always present to implement its expertise in the domain of concrete!

The current construction site involves our team in the Pas-de-Calais region for the implementation of a CM4 structure on the new ring road South Arras!


With this video, you can follow the different steps for the implementation of the CM4 structure:



  • arrival of trucks;
  • docking of elements on trucks;
  • trucks unloading;
  • application of the varnish of the joints;
  • sidewalls positioning;
  • sand setting of the structure bed;
  • sidewalls erection;
  • installation of vaults;
  • implementation of sealant joints and welded waterproofing tape;
  • shuttering and reinforcement of the outer soles;
  • general waterproofing by bituminous geomembrane.


Once all the parts arrived on the construction site, the erection of the vaulted concrete structure is relatively fast:


Blinding concrete pouringErectionFramework
Concrete pouring
General waterproofing
2,5 days


4 days2,5 days3,5 days
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