Construction of a Source Station in Charenton-Le-Pont

Construction of a concrete source station in France

Construction of a Source Station in Charenton-Le-Pont

Matière® is currently working in the town of Charenton-Le-Pont in Île-de-France on the construction of a source station made up of 92 U-type Opti-cadre®. This gallery assembled by our teams will supply a source post with a surface area of ​​4,500 m² and thus better supply energy to this city of Val-de-Marne.


A source station is an industrial electrical work at the junction of high and medium voltage power lines. To deliver electrical energy throughout the French territory, it is first necessary to reduce the voltage, so that it adapts to the different needs of consumers, businesses or individuals; that’s when a source post comes into play. It plays a vital role in the overall electrical system.

The new Source Post will be structured around four buildings including electrical transformation and distribution rooms and reception areas.



Source Station construction in Ile de France



At the heart of each building, a plant space will be developed and will be located in front of current transformers. The work done by Matière® has the particularity of having been placed inside an excavation armor with buttresses, by means of a forklift circulating at the bottom of the excavation.


Here are the characteristics of the double opti-cadre® type U:

  • Length: 216 m;
  • Width: 2 x 2 m;
  • Height: 2.6 m.
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