Construction of the Chabanne wildlife crossing

ecobridge of Chabanne

Construction of the Chabanne wildlife crossing

As part of the 2×2 lane project of the RN2 at the Vaumoise bypass between the Aisne and the Oise, Matière was asked for the construction of a wildlife crossing.

This biological corridor of Chabanne is 25m wide and consists of 2 reinforced concrete vaults surmounted by a ground cover. The wildlife pass is between the communes of Coyolles and Vaumoise in the Oise.

The parts of this structure were manufactured in our Souleyrie factory


wildlife crossing construction in France

Here are the main data about this project:

  • Double vault arches: 40,38m;
  • Beveled head side walls: 40m;
  • Steel reinforcements for current and beveled segments: 130 769 kg;
  • Precast concrete cornices with keyings: 50m;
  • Patch walls + Tympanum with keying: 2 units;
  • Blinding concrete: 634m²;
  • Wallwashing of buried walls: 771m²;
  • Prefabricated waterproofing membrane type Téranap 431TP: 1680m²;
  • Single layer Soprema Antirock P waterproofing: 53m².


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