Construction of the Kuajok Bridge in South Sudan

Matiere construction in South Sudan

Construction of the Kuajok Bridge in South Sudan

Matière® is currently working in South Sudan for the construction of the Kuajok Bridge. This MPB®-type bridge is composed of 3 spans of 40 m each and it was manufactured in the Bagnac-sur-Célé factory.


Located in the northwestern part of South Sudan, this project aims to connect two sections of roads under construction in the area. The entire project is managed by the World Food Program, a United Nations entity.


In addition to the progress made by this bridge from a humanitarian point of view, the implementation of this new axis of 91 km will allow the creation of a very important economic environment in this country still subject to violent internal conflicts.


Here are the main features of the MPB®:

  • Number of lanes: 2;
  • Length: 120 m;
  • Width: 7.35 m;
  • Assembly by jetting.



Construction of Kuajob steel bridge in South Soudan

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