Construction of the wood boiler room in Aurillac

canalisation rue des carmes Aurillac

Construction of the wood boiler room in Aurillac

In order to set up the Aurillac wood heating network, Matière® is currently working near the Yser sorting center for the construction of the boiler room.

This boiler plant will be able to produce green energy composed of 90% wood and 10% gas, which will then be transported to homes and buildings in the form of water.


In parallel with the installation of the boiler room, our Earthworks / Drainage teams are in the process of carrying out the first works in the sectors of Lascanaux, Canteloube, Jules Ferry and Rue des Carmes. The extensions of the heating network will last 2 years.



The first work to realize the building of the wood boiler room:

  • Existing unit network enhancement Ø600;
  • Demolition of the basin of the former Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP);
  • Backfilling: 1600 m3;
  • Underground pavement: 1750 m².


The Road works and various networks (VRD) of the wood boiler room will be carried out after the construction of the building.

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