Construction of Two Overpasses on the A75 highway

Construction of overpasses by Matiere in France

Construction of Two Overpasses on the A75 highway

The A75 project is at the heart of a national and regional project with the implementation of a 2 x 3 lanes over a 10.5 km stretch.


At the national level, the 2 x 3 lanes located at the heart of the great north-south route (Paris – Montpellier – A71 and A75) aims to smooth traffic during periods of major departures and to decongest the motorway at hours. of spikes. This portion of the highway is frequented by nearly 80,000 vehicles / day.


In order to respond to the TOARC Nord market, the Matière® company was asked to build two mixed overpasses between the junction of the A71 at Clermont-Ferrand and the Saint-Amant-Tallende interchange located in the municipality of Crest.


The installation of the overpasses is done by crane. The pots were manufactured in the Bagnac-sur-Célé plant and the work will last, if all goes according to plans, until the end of 2019.





 The main features of PS 00362: ( Sénèze street)

  • Type: double girder;
  • Length: 72.55 m;
  • Width: 13.10 m;
  • Number of spans: 3;
  • Downhill slope: 8%;
  • Total weight: 157 t.


The main features of PS 04684: (RD 137)

  • Type: composite double girder;
  • Length: 67.70 m;
  • Width: 14.45 m;
  • Number of spans: 3;
  • Total weight: 175 t.


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