The Culverts principle

Rectangular monobloc concrete structures with variable dimensions.


Dimensions (in m)Length (in m)
2 x 21,80
2,12 x 1,252,51
2,50 x 22,25
2,50 x 2,502,25
3 x 11,50
3 x 2,251,70
3 x 2,501,70
4 x 11,50
4 x 1,251,50
4 x 1,701,40


Speed and simplicity of implementation
Leak-proofing option using elastomer joints
Fitted under road surface, with upper surface flush with the ground
(directly receives traffic loads without load-spreading slab)
Economical solution

They are generally fitted on a thin concrete raft foundation.
The nature and compacting of lateral ballast is to be defined by the main contractor, according to conditions of use.


Dalot principle allows construction of :

Service ducts
Hydraulic structures
Sanitation structures