Earthworks for the construction of a housing unit in Boisset (15600)

earthworks operations realized by Matiere

Earthworks for the construction of a housing unit in Boisset (15600)

Increasingly exporting its know-how and its works around the world, Matière® does not forget its region of origin and its initial activities. Currently, one of our teams carries out earthmoving, rocking and drainage operations in the town of Boisset in Auvergne.


This work is carried out as part of the construction of a home for people living in situations of psychic disability. The project was supported by the County Council of Cantal and the Association Saint Nicolas. Thanks to this new home of about forty places located in the center of the Châtaigneraie Cantalienne, future residents will be able to develop their autonomy and to be accompanied daily.


To learn more about the technical part of the construction site, here are some features:

– Topsoil stripping: 8,495 m²

– Mass earthwork: 9 700 m3

– Compact backfilling: 2,700 m3

– Evacuation of cuttings: 7000 m3

– Implementation of anti-contaminant geotextile: 3 100 m²

– Implementation of 0/250 on 60 cm: 2,800 m²

– Implementation of 0/100 on 40 cm: 2,800 m²

– Realization of draining trench with D160 drain: 365 linear meters


construction site in Boisset

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