MATIERE® company builds all types of metallic footbridges:

Overview and application areas


In recent years, pedestrian footbridges have met with increasing success.

These structures dedicated to pedestrian or even cyclist use, are often installed in city or in peri-urban zones, allowing to cross rivers, roads or even industrial zones.


Technical details


Before the effective construction of any pedestrian footbridge, numerous studies are carried out in aim to better understand the specificities of the building area. The rest of the project is based on a functional program and a set of technical and environmental specifications.

Many professionals are involved in this type of urban construction.

Today, faced with the significant alleviation of structures, engineers have had to adapt by designing ever more sophisticated bridges, while perfectly meeting safety standards, that is a real technical challenge.

The design of a footbridge, however, follows the same steps as a classic engineering structure, i.e. launching, assembling, shifting …

Pedestrian walkways can be related to various types of structures:

  • Cable-stayed bridge ;
  • Warren truss beam bridge ;
  • Hanging bridge ;
  • Bow String type Bridge ;
  • Arch bridge ;
  • Tubular bridge.

The MATIERE® know-how


The addition of professionalism between the design department, the technical expertise of the teams in charge of construction projects and the quality of the materials make Matière® a key player in a wide range of metal activities and more specifically the metallic bridges.

This expertise is recognized throughout the world, so that the greatest French architects regularly renew their confidence in Matière® for the realization of their projects.


Our achievements : footbridges


Whether in France or abroad, construction projects never stop. Over the years Matière® has been involved in the design and erection of various metallic structures. Below you can, for example, discover different realizations concerning pedestrian footbridges.




Saint Denis

In Réunion, as of 2003, Matière® had set up a footbridge for pedestrians. This cable-stayed structure represents a total length of 59.7 meters.

Vivonne, France

In the Vienne (French department), the footbridge of Bow String type installed in 2005, dominates a road with 2×2 lanes. To minimize traffic disruption, most of the work was done at night, using craning technique.

Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, France

In 2005, the company went to Hérault to build a pedestrian bridge. Composed of lattice beams, this Warren bridge extends 56.86 meters in length.

Cergy Pontoise

For the footbridge in Cergy Pontoise, Matière® had the task of recreating the structure imagined in the urban project of the city. A bridge with lateral box girders with a length of nearly 200 meters.