Haiti: bridge of Riviere des Bas and bridge of Anse at Foleur

Realization of 2 concrete metal bridges

Haiti: bridge of Riviere des Bas and bridge of Anse at Foleur

Matière® was commissioned for the realization of 2 concrete-metal bridges. The first is on the Rivière des Bas, the second in the town of Anse à Foleur. These structures are located in the north of the island of Haiti, near the city of Saint Louis du Nord on the national road No. 15. Unibridge® technology was chosen for these two bridges.

The most important, the Rivière des Bas Bridge, has a reach of 168 m and a width of 9.70 m. It consists of 3 central spans of 34.20 m each and two end spans of 28.90 m each. Each span consists of 3 rows of beams 1.25 m high. It is the most important work built by Matière® in Haiti.

This work is completed by a second mixed bridge, the Anse à Foleur bridge. With a total length of 57.80 m, it is made of 2 spans of 28.90 m wide of 9.70 m.

Both structures were entirely made in our Bagnac-sur-Célé factory. In spite of extremely difficult climatic conditions because the island is regularly ravaged by cyclones and a the social situation is sometimes degraded, Matière® has delivered and assembled these structures which will make it possible to accelerate the economic development of this part of the island.


Riviere des Bas and Anse at Foleur bridges in Haiti

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