Hydraulic works of the stream of Las Combes in Rodez

CM2 structure in Rodez

Hydraulic works of the stream of Las Combes in Rodez

Currently, our concrete teams are moving in the Aveyron for the construction of a hydraulic structure on the stream of Las Combes in Rodez.


This new work is part of the RN88 project to create a link between Rodez and the A75 motorway and to develop the section Rodez-Causse Comtal. This development project includes no less than 12 new structures, 2 of which have been entrusted to Matière®.

One of them, the OA5 of Las Combes is also being finished.


This project will have mobilized the skills of our earthworks and civil engineering teams.


CM2 hydraulic works in Aveyron


Discover the details of the 2 hydraulic structures built by Matière®:


Features of the semicircular CM2:

  • Inside width: 2m;
  • Inside height: 2m;
  • Length: 135 m;
  • Maximum covering height above the structure: 26.30 m.



Main quantities of the site:

  • Reinforcement rebars: 80 t;
  • Waterproofing: 670 m²;
  • Technical backfilling: 5000m3
  • Rip-off (rock backfilling): 600 t.
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