Indonesia: Flyover Unibridge® in Surabaya

Installation of a Unibridge structure in Surabaya

Indonesia: Flyover Unibridge® in Surabaya

Matière® has already taken place in various Asian countries such as Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines, but this is the first time that our team will carry out a project in Indonesia.


For nearly 12 months, Matière® has been working on a civil engineering project in Indonesia. Indeed, the city of Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia after the capital Jakarta, wants to install an elevated road. This new 1.2 km long traffic road will relieve some of the city’s population and add direct and faster access to the Surabaya port area. Tanjung Perak is also the largest port in the country.


Composed mainly of Unibridge® type composite boxes, the beams of this structure reach up to 60 m on some spans.
The construction of this Flyover should begin soon.



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