Installation of the new Châtenay Bridge in Cognac

Replacement of the new Châtenay Bridge in Cognac

Installation of the new Châtenay Bridge in Cognac

Currently, the Matière® teams are in Charente in order to install the new Châtenay bridge on the RN24. This new structure will allow the crossing of the Charente north of the city of Cognac.


The old post-war reinforced concrete bridge at Châtenay could not benefit from an effective renovation. It was therefore deconstructed block by block at the end of 2019 to be replaced by a new, stronger and safer structure to support the 5,000 vehicles which circulate on the structure daily.


The new bridge will be installed by crane and should be delivered by summer 2020 after 8 months of traffic disruption. The metal frame was manufactured in the Bagnac-sur-Célé factory.


The characteristics of the Châtenay bridge

  • Type: Bridge based on welded I-beams;
  • Length: 72.34 m;
  • Corten steel (auto-weathered);
  • Total weight: 125 t.


Matiere® regularly installs welded plate girder type structures. Discover the installation of the PRS bridge of the Woomey project in Benin or the construction of the PRS bridge in Guinea

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