Integrated enterprise

A medium-sized family company, present on all five continents, it is not very common. And it isn’t a coincidence.

Our development follows two golden rules: innovation and taste for work well done.

We strive to be one step ahead, and we are uncompromising for quality of our production.

Move towards zero defects – this is our main concern. To achieve this, we have chosen to maintain and strengthen the chain of our know-how, from design to erection of structures.


From design…



Design offices innovate, they accompany also. Because Matière® company does not just deliver kits ready to use. We help our customers meeting environmental requirements, topographical and climatic constraints specific to each construction site. We can even help our customers with appropriate international fundraising.

…to the erection



For us, the story of a structure is not finished with its delivery. We assist, if needed, our clients solving problems on site. We ensure the proper functioning of bridges, tunnels, underpasses we manufactured, networks that we installed.

And even after

The metal frameworks of our concrete parts, it is our employees who make them. Steel sheets, we cut them, weld them together in order to transform them into bridges.

Structures made on our factories, are installed by our teams and designed by our engineers. The practice of ones is feeding each others’ thinking. Thus we are constantly evolving our products in aim to meet  better our clients’ expectations.