ITER project: end of zone 11

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ITER project: end of zone 11

If you regularly follow our news, you know that Matière has been selected to participate in the ITER project.

This large-scale project is taking shape little by little and we wanted to inform you of the progress of our work on the site.

Matière is responsible for the construction of several structures in four zones (11, 3, 6 and 9).

Zone 11, which is the smallest of the 4, has just been finalized by our concrete teams.

It represents 41 rings prefabricated by the Souleyrie concrete plant and contains

– 22 slabs on U,

– 5 opticadres®,

– 14 culverts,

– several sumps, manholes and sealing aprons.


Zones 3 and 6 are currently under design and manufacturing.

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