K3K4 wharf in Marseille, France

K3K4 wharf in Marseille in France

K3K4 wharf in Marseille, France

Matière intervened in Marseille recently for the reconstruction of a K3K4-type wharf at the level of the Caboteurs Basin at Lavera (13), in order to rehabilitate these now ruined posts.

The structure consists in 4 parts:
– Access gangways to the central wharf;
– Pipe support gangways;
– Central pier;
– Footbridge for access to the end gabion.

The metal parts such as the wharf and the footbridges were manufactured by us in the Bagnac-sur-Célé factory.

To get into the details, the wharf consists of 5 I-beams in the horizontal direction and 13 I-beams in the vertical direction

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