Manufacturing and quality by international standards Unibridge®



Unibridge® Trading have our own manufacturing facilities and we can therefore offer you prompt and efficient delivery schedules. Unibridge® is manufactured in accordance with EN 1090-2, which specifies the requirements for the execution of steel structures in order to ensure adequate levels of mechanical resistance and stability, servicability and durability.

• Modern production techniques using high grade steels
• Unibridge® has been pre-designed against applicable loads within the country where they are installed – AASHTO, Eurocodes, British Standards, Australian Standards etc.




Unibridge® is manufactured in accordance with EN 1090-2 and within this standard there is a requirement for quality documentation, quality plans, inspection documents and traceability.

• A high quality control process is run throughout the entire manufacturing cycle and guarantee the traceability of the main structural components.
• Corrosion protection: Main components are painted in compliance with ACQPA specifications and other components are galvanised.