The Multi-arches® principle

Patented civil-engineering structures in the form of arches with the addition of prefabricated central supports, divided lengthwise and crosswise.

  • Span upon request
  • Backfilling height from 0.60 m to 25 m
  • Walls thickness from 180 mm to 350 mm
  • Computation of the interaction between ground and structure
Raft foundation with exterior strip foundations
Raft foundation without exterior strip foundations
Without raft foundation with exterior strip

Various types of Multi-arches®

Modular shapes according to the type of structure to be built, the environment,…



Can be implemented while maintaining existing road traffic
Geometry modular according to the environment
Quick implementation
Improvement of hydraulic performance
(eliminating intermediate blocks of ballast)
Aesthetic lines
Economic and competitive solution
Quality control

The modularity of the Multi-arches® principle allows construction of:

Cut & cover tunnels
Road underpasses
Hydraulic structures
Hydraulic relief structures
Reference Number A3.557.51012.51520253035405264Up to 185(m²)
Usable surface A13.344.707.109.1811.8114.0218.3723.4827.0831.4336.1248.8559.15Available upon request(m²)
Usable surface A23.184.446.658.5510.9512.9616.9521.7123.9827.7532.1043.1850.15Available upon request(m²)
L12.332.743.343.844.284.665.336.006.527.087.508.489.42Available upon request(m)
L22.152.492.983.393.764.074.675.225.636.166.457.268.04Available upon request(m)