Realization of the Ocean Cay Bridge in the Bahamas

construction of the Ocean Cay bridge

Realization of the Ocean Cay Bridge in the Bahamas

North of the Caribbean Sea, within the archipelago of the Bahamas, Matière® intervened recently. Our teams met on the island of Ocean Cay, 100km East of Miami, for the construction of an Ocean Cay bridge.


ocean cay bridge



This structure is a part of a global redevelopment project for the private island Océan Cay for cruise ship MSC. The ultimate goal is to make the Océan Cay island a protected marine reserve while allowing a new stop exclusively reserved for MSC Cruises boats.


The company will offer activities that will help passengers get closer to nature while raising awareness about protecting the oceans and corals. These include excursions to explore the island while snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding.




This is an unprecedented environmental project for a cruise line. Many seabed cleaning operations have already been carried out with the collection of 500 tonnes of waste in the waters of the various lagoons.

Many plant species will also be planted throughout the island to create a lush tropical environment that will develop biodiversity. Thanks to all these environmental measures, the company is hopeful to restore much of the natural coral around Ocean Cay.



As part of this major project in the heart of the Bahamas, Matière® was commissioned to build and install a Unibridge® bridge. This steel apron was manufactured at our French Creusot plants for caissons and at Bagnac-sur-Célé for transverse equipment.

For this ocean cay bridge with a span of 34.20 m, the installation was done by crane.




This new reference is for Matière® a first in this region of the world and is an excellent showcase of its know-how in an exceptional and privileged place.


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