Opti cadre



The Opti-cadres® principle

Patented rectangular section structures, cut cut longitudinally and transversely in 2, 3 or 4 elements.

They may be connected together by a transverse bonding device (upper U keying) which avoids any risk of strumming.


  • The span from 2 m to 14 m by step of 0.50 m
  • Internal height from 2 m to 8 m by step of 5 cm
  • Modular metallic molds
  • Possibility of roadway installing directly on the upper part of the structure
  • Smooth and glossy concrete facing


B = BaseH = Height
Opti-cadre Type 12.00 m to 14.00 m
50 cm base
2.00 m to 5.00 m
5 cm base
Opti-cadre Type 2 and 32.00 m to 14.00 m
50 cm base
2.00 m to 8.00 m
5 cm base



Quality and variety of facings
Over 100 possible configurations
An extremely reduced installation time
Quality control of product and process

More than 400 structures installed, designed, studied, precasted and put into service. A wide range of sizes up to 14 m of span and 8 m of interior height for multiple applications.

Simple underpasses or multi-arches
Airport bridges
Various levels crossroads
Covered trenches
Railway bridges
Technical galleries
Hydraulic structures
Road bridges
Storage tanks


Various types of Opti-cadres®

Opti-cadres® with U
Type 1
Opti cadre
Opti-cadres® on abutment with raft foundation laid on site
Type 2
Opti cadre
Opti-cadres® open gantry
Type 3
Opti cadre