Of course, always progressing towards quality, we continually refine our methods, we use the most powerful machines. But our investments would have a limited impact without the chance to rely on a competent, experienced and conscientious staff. Our founder has left us the love of a job well done. Today, this heritage, our employees are working to make it grow.

Environmental impact assessment

  • Our integrated design office allows :- adapting of each type of structure for every particular project, – optimization quantities of materials used (aggregates, cement, reinforcing bars),- insurance of a weaker impact on the consumption of raw materials.
  • Work on site is minimized and reduces (or even abolishes) releases in the nature (roes, various contaminants, packaging wastes).
  • The number of transport cycles and the duration of nuisance for residents are significantly reduced.

Societal balance

  • The majority of our employees working at the factory have working conditions allowing them to reach their homes daily.
  • Those working on site are in traveling conditions allowing them to join as often as possible their homes.
  • Safety rules in the factory and on site are the priority of our management and our teams ; thus all manufacturing processes in the workshop and on site are carefully designed and audited for civil engineering risk minimizing.
  • Security systems during the study, production and erection phases ensure the full compliance with all national and international rules.
  • Our suppliers, exclusively European, provide a guarantee of compliance as defined by the ILO.
  • Contracts abroad are covered by the rules of the OECD.

Qualitative assessment

  • Precasting in an industrial environment is the key to quality. Every structure that we erect or sell, was made according to strictly codified procedures.
  • At each stage of production, specific checks are made to ensure that the standards have been sctrictly respected. Continuous monitoring allows the factory quality manager and the different interlocutors of work, a manufacturing keeping with contract requirements (breakpoints, factory acceptance, strengthened qualitative monitoring, ….). From the robustness of concrete or weldings up to the quality of protective coatings, passing by the dimensional accuracy – everything is carefully checked.
  • Finally, a single interlocutor for the project optimizes the monitoring and allows to comply with contractual deadlines.

The company offers its customers a complete product, from design to erection, an economic solution for every problem, with all guarantees of quality, safety and protection of environment.