Realization of the Covered Trench of Vendenheim (67)

Construction of the Covered Trench of Vendenheim

Realization of the Covered Trench of Vendenheim (67)

As part of the Western Bypass of Strasbourg (COS) launched in autumn 2016, Matière® is currently in Vendenheim in Bas-Rhin for the construction of a concrete structure. It is a double arch covered trench 299 m long completed at each end of a single-arch section with vaults added 40 and 45 m.


This 2 x 3 lane covered trench located between the municipalities of Vendenheim and Eckwersheim will allow the passage of the future A355 motorway.

The covered section consists of no less than 600 prefabricated pieces made within the Souleyrie plant. The installation of prefabricated elements is supported by our concrete teams.



Note that a meter, this work of art cannot be considered a tunnel. Indeed, according to French regulations, a tunnel must be at least 300 m long. In our case, this qualification would in particular have triggered a series of regulatory measures such as the installation of emergency exits, ventilation devices …


The site continues with the realization of the tightness of the structure and everything should be finalized in time. The schedule of work had provided for the putting into service of the toll motorway for the second quarter of 2021.


Another point that deserves to be underlined: this Conduit Matière® double arches structure will be the largest prefabricated concrete structure built in France by our company.

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