Realization of a structure on the RN122 road

Civil engineering near Aurillac

Realization of a structure on the RN122 road

As part of the RN122 road project between Sansac-de-Marmiesse and Aurillac, our concrete teams are currently building the underpass on the “Aurillac bypass” section between the Tronquières roundabout and the La Poudrière roundabout. This development will allow for recovery with RD 1122 under the future RN122 route. The site on which Matière® works is located in the extension zone of the Aurillac aerodrome runway.



This site also includes additional earthworks, drainage, pavement, equipment (TACE) and implementation OA6 that will be provided by Matière® among others and that should start soon.


The built structure is a Lower Bridge with Prestressed Slab (PIDP). The concrete structure was entirely cast in place with a neat architectural appearance.


The implementation of this book requires various trades such as scrap dealers, slicers, a team leader and a site manager. To ensure the lifting of the concrete structure, our teams used a Terex A600 crane.


The HA reinforcements have been shaped in our Souleyrie plant and then assembled and assembled in cages directly on site.


Civil engineering project on the RN122



Here are the main quantities of this project:

  • Reinforced concrete reinforcement: 70 t;
  • Longitudinal prestressing: 9 t;
  • Active anchoring for longitudinal prestressing: 32 u;
  • Main waterproofing of the deck: 300 m²;
  • Concrete C25 / 30, C35 / 45 and C40 / 50: 600 m3.



The Sansac-de-Marmiesse structure will be commissioned in the spring so that the other stages of the project can begin (TACE).

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