Realization of the Kayes Bridge in Mali

Unibridge construction in Mali

Realization of the Kayes Bridge in Mali

The construction site of the new Kayes Bridge is in full swing in Mali. This book, installed on the Senegal River, is part of the route connecting Bamako (capital of Mali) to Dakar (port capital of Senegal).


Since Mali is a landlocked country, this axis is strategic for the country’s supply of imported goods and materials. An old work still exists on the Senegal River in Kayes but it is very old and the trucks that use it are getting heavier. That is why the Malian government decided in 2016 to build a second bridge in Kayes.


The new commissioned work is a composite metal/concrete bridge using the Unibridge® process. It is 540 m long and has 14 spans of 40.3 m. This 24 m wide motorway bridge has four 3.5 m long taxiways, two 3 m wide bicycle paths and two 1.5 m wide sidewalks.





Each span of the modular structure consists of 4 beams, the deck is made of prefabricated slabs. The caissons, 2.15 m high, were made in Le Creusot and in our MBB subsidiary in Ocquier, Belgium. Spacers, for their part, were made by our production teams in Bagnac-sur-Célé.


Logistics to route all the elements of the structure being quite complex, the transport of the whole frame was organized in 8 shipments. It began in January 2019 and the last caissons will arrive at the site in May. The spans crane started in March and is expected to be completed in June 2019.


This major work for Mali and West Africa will be the most important bridge built by Matière® in this region of the world.


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