Reconstruction of the Saint-Gobain Bridge at Aniche

Construction of a closed frame underpass at Aniche

Reconstruction of the Saint-Gobain Bridge at Aniche

In order to allow the crossing of an old disused railway line in the commune of Aniche, the Matière® concrete teams are in the Haut-de-France for the reconstruction of the Saint-Gobain bridge. The site is located at the level of the Departmental Road 943 between Bouchain and Douai.


The existing structure is a metal girder bridge under brick vaulted pavement. The Saint-Gobain Bridge is consisting of a continuous span had been built in the 1940s and therefore no longer ensures a safe use.


Thanks to the Matière® teams, the structure has been replaced by a closed frame underpass (PICF) manufactured at our Souleyrie plant.


Here are the features of the PICF:

  • Length: 21.4 m;
  • Width: 7 m;
  • Height: 3.9 m.



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