Senegal: Construction of 18 structures

Construction of Bridge in Senegal

Senegal: Construction of 18 structures

Senegal, a country looking for infrastructure supporting its growth


Senegal is a country in West Africa that is experiencing one of the best economic growth currently, as it stands at 6.8% of GDP for 2017. Also, strong of this situation, the country has chosen since a certain time to invest heavily in its transport infrastructure.


The opening of the Blaise Diagne International Airport in Dakar at the end of 2017 represents one of the most emblematic examples of the ambitious economic development policies undertaken since the early 2000s by this country.


However, especially in the road infrastructure sector, much remains to be done. Since 2012, significant funding has been mobilized by the State of Senegal for the rehabilitation or maintenance of existing roads, the construction of new roads, highways and bridges.



Bridge construction in Senegal



Over the period 2012-2017, Senegal has invested more than 900M dsXOF (1.47M euros) to achieve no less than 5036 kms of road infrastructure:
• 1362 km of paved roads;
• 53 kms of motorways;
• 3621 kms of rural tracks;


But also to build 13 bridges and maintain the road network.


The whole set of those tasks is managed by the Agency for Road Works and Management (Agéroute), whose mission is to implement all the construction work, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads, bridges and other structures, under the authority of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Disruption (MITTD).



French company Matière® gets involved into construction in Senegal

This is the context in which Matière® has been mandated main contractor since August 2018. This project concerns the construction of 18 engineering structures, most of which are located in the Dakar region. The other metallic infrastructures that will be built soon will be located in the southern enclave area called Casamance as well as in the north of the country.


The total budget is around 200 million euros. The job duration schedule is of 44 months.


This is not the first intervention of Matière® teams in this country, but faced with the large scope of the mission, the company decided to create a local subsidiary, which will focus on the management and monitoring of the works in coordination with the departments of Design – Production and Logistics based in France.


Nevertheless, our French factories will be involved in the realization of this project and in particular the manufacturing sites of Charmes, Bagnac-sur-Célé but also Le Creusot.



Matiere sets up new bridges in Senegal



Here is the list of 18 structures and their characteristics:

• Bourguiba – Sheikh Amadou Bamba (width: 2 x 1 lane, length: 202.3 m)
• Bourguiba – Dial Diop and Bourguiba – Seydou Nourou Tall Aisle (width: 2 x 1 lane, length: 606.9 m)
• Keur Massar (width: 2 x 1 lane, length: 202.3 m)
• Front de Terre – Bourguiba (width: 2 x 2 ways, length: 173,4 m)
• Front de Terre – Khar Yalla (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 231.2 m)
• JVC (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 144.5 m)
• Lobat Fall (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 202.3 m)
• Pikine (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 202.3 m)
• Yoff (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 202.3 m)
• VDN – Keur Gorgui (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 202.3 m)
• VDN – Saint Lazare (width: 2 x 2 lanes, length: 202.3 m)
• Halwar (width: 2 x MPB lane, length: 125 m)
• Malick Gueye (width: 2 x 1 lane, length: 201.5 m)
• Baila (width: 2 x 1 lane, length: 120.9 m)
• Diouloulou (width: 2 x 1 way, length: 120.9 m)
• Marcassoum (width: 2 x 1 way, length: 483 m)



Matiere builds new infrastructures in Senegal

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