Special report: Matière® in Australia

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Special report: Matière® in Australia

This summer Matière® wishes to share with you the different opportunities presented to the company in Australia. This country with gigantic territory has indeed been a perfect ground to implement its French know-how!




With an area of more than 7,692,000 square kilometers, Australia brings together largest territories in Oceania and has more than 23,232,000 inhabitants according to the latest demographic surveys. The population is growing rapidly (+ 2% per year) and this phenomenon is becoming more pronounced in big cities like Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney.




The economy of the island-continent has long been driven by the wealth of its land in raw materials such as coal, iron or natural gas… but Australia has been forced to diversify its economy to keep its place on the international plan, especially because of the geographical isolation of Australia, that is also a hindrance to its growth.


Faced with the country’s lack of investment in infrastructure since the early 2000s and the increase in population, the Australian government has planned more than 51 billion euros of investment over 10 years. This has allowed the building and public works sector to develop.

However, construction is very expensive in Australia, so the country uses qualified foreign labor and seeks economic (prefabricated parts) and quickly built solutions.


Matière®, to the end of the world !


Despite the more than 20 hours of flying that separates us from Australia, the French know-how represents a sure value and the companies of the Hexagon have a role to play in the development of the Australian infrastructures.

There is a little ten years that Matière® company has embarked on the Australian adventure. Its expertise and patented products such as Unibridge® also perfectly match the needs expressed by Australia for their equipment and infrastructure.


The strength of Matière® lies in its constant search for innovation and its spirit of international conquest! All this is made possible thanks to the work of the engineers and technicians of our design offices but also thanks to the metal and concrete teams that accompany and represent Matière® around the world.


Matiere’s realizations in Australia


Since the arrival of the company from Cantal on the Australian Public Works market, Matière® has been able to set up numerous structures. We offer you a short trip to Australia to discover a small selection of our achievements:



Permanent bridge at Caboonbah in Australia


One of Matière’s first realizations in Australia was at Caboonbah in the state of Queensland, northwest of Brisbane.

For this project, Matière was commissioned by the Somerset Regional Council to build and install a temporary use bridge. To meet the need expressed by the customer, it was the Unibridge® solution that seemed optimal. The single-channel structure was therefore installed quickly thanks to the crane process.

This small bridge with a metallic deck stretches on 34.2 meters long and 4 meters wide and blends naturally into the environment.




Demonstration of a Unibridge® bridge in Darwin, Australia

In 2013, Matière® intervened in Australia not as part of a desired accomplishment by a local customer but to demonstrate its flagship product, the Unibridge® bridge.

This structure developed by our engineers and for which Matière® filed a patent in 2004 can indeed surprise by its incredible characteristics.

The structure can be installed in record time, support vehicles with exceptional loads and meet all kinds of needs. And to prove that, the French company and its teams made the trip to the city of Darwin in the north of Australia! The goal? Installing a typical Unibridge® bridge in real-world conditions and demonstrate that the metal structure is able to withstand the most impressive loads.

That day, a truck with 3 trailers crosses the bridge without the deck or structural components showing signs of weakness. The goal is now complete and the Unibridge® bridge solution is a huge success around the world.





Replacement of the Dickerson Creek Bridge in Australia

Halfway between Sydney and Brisbane, it is in Grand Taree that the company Matière intervened in May 2015.

The purpose of the trip was to replace the old Dickerson Creek Bridge with a new modular Unibridge® structure. The 34.20-meter-long bridge was put in place by jetting thanks to the use of a pushing machine.

Relive the entire site by watching this video in Time lapse!




Installation of a Unibridge® bridge at Yamba in Australia

For one of his most recent interventions in Australia, Matière® teams have joined the city of Yamba in the state of New South Wales on the east coast of the country. Located 670 kilometers from Sydney, the inhabitants of the small town of Yamba live mainly from fishing and tourism.

Yamba called Matière® to install a Unibridge® steel deck bridge. This structure for road use was set up using launching process. Built in our Bagnac-sur-Célé factory in France Yamba Bridge consists of a single span 45.6 meters long and 10 meters wide and now accommodates 3 traffic lanes.

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