Intervention on the Tombs of the Kings in Jerusalem

Tombs of the Kings worksite

Intervention on the Tombs of the Kings in Jerusalem

It is an extraordinary building site that has been entrusted to Matière®! The Consulate of France in Jerusalem has indeed asked our teams to intervene on one of its flagship monuments: the tomb of kings dating from the 50s AD. It is, at present, the most beautiful Jewish monument listed in Israel.

The purpose of the project is to consolidate the vestibule, space that represents the entrance to one of the many tombs, taking care to preserve the monument but also to secure access to the site to allow its occasional opening to visitors.

Before installing the metallic structure in the underside of the ceiling and under the monumental lintel for the consolidation of the vestibule, it was necessary to conduct several field surveys: a survey of the main contractor (MOE), completed by a lasergrammetric survey.

Thanks to these documents providing 3D surveys of the monuments, we were able to create precise cuts of all the parts of the structure despite the irregularity of the supports (walls, floor, ceiling …). The design progress and the execution of the works was still relatively complex because of the geometric configuration of the monument.


Discover the different stages of the project:


  • Installation of the building site using a 100T crane: craning the container from outside of the site, causing the partial blocking of Salah Ed In Street;
  • Unloading of the container of the crane (open-top) and storage of the elements near the lower patio below the ground on about twenty meters;
  • Establishment of environmental protections;
  • Leveling the floor with the creation of a heavy wooden floor;
  • Intervention of a surveyor expert for the implementation of the framework;
  • Displacement of the commemorative plaque in bronze;
  • Core drilling (bottom wall for joists and ground for columns);
  • Assembly of shoring towers;
  • Lifting of the main beam (in 2 sections) on the shoring towers via the use of 2 electric stackers;
  • Connection of the 2 beam sections via HR bolts;
  • Installation of joists (transverse beams) with stackers; prior installation of the boxes and anchor rods inside the holes;
  • Positioning of poles;
  • Adjustments and altimeter settings of the assembly;
  • Realization of seals by injection of epoxy resin;
  • Removal of 2 old poles;
  • Cleaning and finishing;
  • Repotting of the container and lifting for sea boarding.


Matiere worksite in Jerusalem


The metallic structure, major element of the construction, has been manufactured in our factory of Charmes.

The transportation of the various parts to Jerusalem was handled with great care, so that very few alterations were necessary after installation. After 3 weeks of work, the Tombs of the Kings is ready to be open to the public, without fear of collapse of the vestibule.

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