Unibridge® for rural and feeder roads

Unibridge® for rural and feeder roads

Unibridge® components can be transported in ISO containers and on standard trucks and trailers. Together with a minimum number of different components, Unibridge® can be erected even in the remotest locations using minimal manpower with some mechanical handling equipment.

The bridge is extremely robust and capable of accommodating a wide range of vehicles and traffic, including oversized and overloaded vehicles. Minimal maintenance is required and the bridge can therefore be left in-situ with the peace of mind that the structural integrity of the bridge will not be comporomised. The main structural members of the bridge are prefabrciated girders which support the deck above, therefore there is no chance that any vehicles crossing the bridge may collide with the structural members causing a potential bridge failure. A system of parapets defines the road width of the bridge, these parapets are designed in accordance with EN 1317, type H2.

Unibridge® can be supplied as a single lane bridge or with multiple lane road width. Maximum clear spans up to 45m are possible. The deck surface can either be a steel deck system with anti-skid coating or concrete deck.

We have also developed the iBridge® system which is purposely designed for shorter spans and for remote locations. Suitable for maximum spans up to 30m the iBridge® consists of a series of beams which are bolted together in a similar way to Unibridge® but launched in a single simple operation. Contact us for further details.

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