Viaducts of ROME and TECH on the A9

beam transportation for Rome viaduct

Viaducts of ROME and TECH on the A9

Matière® is currently working on the A9 motorway as part of the widening of the lines between Perpignan and the Spanish border, ie section 3 – Le Boulou / Spanish Border


The A9 2×3 lane enlargement project:

– 1970s: construction period of the A9 motorway;
– 14 towns/cities concerned (Le Perthus, Perpignan, Saint-Estève, Montpellier …);
– 40km of work;
– 100,000 vehicles a day near Montpellier;
– More than 3 years of work to transform the motorway circuit;
– 65 structures;
– 6 Viaducts.

The role of Matière® in this Pharaonic project:

Matière® was chosen for the construction of 2 viaducts as part of the 3rd phase of the project. The viaduct of Rome and the viaduct of Tech on the section going from Boulou to the Spanish border.

The metallic structures were manufactured in the Bagnac-sur-Célé factory, isntallation of the elements of the direction 1 took place from May to the end of June 2018. The direction 2 is programmed for the last semester of this year.


Poutres métalliques Vidaduc du Techc d

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