Wildlife crossing on the A48 at La Buisse (38)

Construction of an ecobridge in France

Wildlife crossing on the A48 at La Buisse (38)

After the eco-bridge of the Adrets-de-l’Estérel on the A8 and the eco-bridge of Poland on the A89 highway  these last 2 years, it is in the department of Isère that once again Matière® put into practice its know-how in public works and ecological engineering!


What is a wildlife crossing?

Wildlife passage, biological corridor or eco-bridge, the names are numerous to describe the amenities made by men over major roads such as highways to allow animals to pass from one side to another of the road without being injured or causing accidents.


The proliferation of highways for several decades has not been without consequences for the fauna and flora. This is why new types of structures have emerged to limit the disturbances felt by the different species living near major highways and to better promote their movement through their territory so that they can live, feed and reproduce.

Fauna crossings often take the form of completely vegetated bridges and conceal as much as possible the traffic lanes, especially with the use of fences.



The wildlife crossing of La Buisse in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

In early 2018, the Isère department decided to embark on a major development project for the A48, which is more favorable to the environment and biodiversity. Work began in the first quarter between the tolls of Voreppe and Moirans, located north of Grenoble, and should be finalized next spring.
This area is indeed extremely popular with animals such as foxes and badgers.


More episodically, deer, wild boars, bats, amphibians and insects are also brought to live in this part of the territory, it was therefore necessary to find a solution to facilitate the comings and goings of all these species between the Vercors massif and the massif of La Chartreuse.


The structure that will meet this need is currently being installed in the town of La Buisse. The structure corresponds to a double span bridge with 11 beams. Each span is 22.20ml in length and 13 ml in width.


In order not to unduly interfere with motorway traffic, lanes were only reduced a few days and nights during the summer.


The first installation took place on September 12th.


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