Wood heating network in Aurillac

Terrassement and canalization in Aurillac

Wood heating network in Aurillac

Our Terrassement and Canalization teams are in Aurillac with the aim of creating a buried underground heat network about 15km from the town.

From May 16th to June 29th, 2018, our Earthworks / Drainage department carried out excavations for the laying of pipe on the avenue des Pupilles and the avenue des Carmes.

Our teams worked on the following tasks:

– the excavation of trenches for the installation of the tubes;

– the excavation and disposal of materials at the appropriate landfill;

– the realization of the sand laying bed;

– the realization of the coating in sand of the pipes;

– backfilling with GNT 0 / 31.5.


This work was carried out in the respect of the protection of the environment, by reusing the materials of the excavations to the maximum.

For this site our teams realized the following quantities:

– Cutting pavement / sidewalk pavement: 1,150 ml trenching for laying depth pipe between 0 and 2 m: 1,032 m3;

– probing: 5 μ;

– crossing of networks: 10 μ;

– supply and implementation of embankment (sand): 276 m3;

– supply and implementation of backfill (GNT 0 / 31.5): 756 m3.


This major project, supported by the Municipality of Aurillac, is part of environmental initiatives to fight against global warming. Indeed, thanks to this new heat network, it is almost 10,500 tons of less CO2 that will be emitted on the territory.

It will be necessary to wait until the winter of 2019 so that the new cleaner and less expensive urban heating system is finalized and that it is launched through the 3500 dwellings in 114 buildings Aurillacois.

By taking advantage of the green energy that is wood, residents in social housing or condominiums, will enjoy a safe and comfortable heating.

The boiler room at the heart of the project will be built near the Yser sorting center.

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