A particular Know-How
since 1932

It is not very common for a family-run SME to be present on all five continents. Nor is it by chance. Our development obeys two golden rules: innovation and a taste for work well done.

We strive to be one step ahead, and we are uncompromising about the quality of what we produce. Tending towards zero defects is our main concern. To achieve this, we have chosen to maintain and consolidate our entire chain of expertise, from design to installation and much more.

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Which financing for an engineering structure ?

MATIERE® is able to assist its clients with the most appropriate financing for your engineering structure projects abroad.

Bringing works of art to life through virtual reality

If virtual reality is mainly known in the world of entertainment, it is also a tool that is on the verge of revolutionising the construction industry.

The Raymond Barre bridge in Lyon: a bow-string bridge over the Rhône river

Among the 15,000 structures built in more than 60 countries by Matière, the Raymond Barre Bridge in the heart of Lyon is without doubt the most spectacular.