Unibridge® Famara Ibrahima Sagna Bridge in Marsassoum: a major structure in Senegal

It was the Senegalese President himself, Macky Sall, who inaugurated the Unibridge® Famara Ibrahima Sagna Bridge in Marsassoum in February 2023. Let's look back at this technical achievement and this historic moment for Matière® and the citizens of the Sédhiou region.

The traceability of our manufacturing processes: guarantee of quality and conformity of our products

Where do the raw materials come from, how are they transported to our workshops, how are our products manufactured, stored and delivered to our customers?
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From idea to field: the story of a revolutionary modular bridge

Claude Valdenaire still remembers the day, almost 19 years ago, when the director of the company, Philippe Matière, asked him to "invent" a modular bridge.
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Expatriates: our ambassadors outside France

In 2020, 65% of the company's turnover was generated outside France. This successful internationalisation is partly based on the commitment of its expatriate employees, who are the strongest links in the company.
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Keur Gorgui Autobridge: a symbolic first step in Senegal:

The Keur Gorgui overpass in Dakar was the first work delivered by Matière under its €209 million contract with the Senegalese government to build 18 bridges and overpasses.
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San Juan Bridge in the Philippines: an extraordinary work by Matière®

Matière, a recognised player in the Philippines with more than 500 Unibridge® bridges built between 2008 and 2014, has just completed the design and construction of the San Juan viaduct to relieve traffic congestion in Manila.
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Unibridge® : replacing and repairing old bridges

MATIÈRE's expertise in Unibridge® bridges goes far beyond the design and construction of new structures.
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Construction of more than 15 bridges and flyovers in Senegal

Construction of more than 15 bridges and flyovers in Senegal
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Which financing for an engineering structure ?

MATIERE® is able to assist its clients with the most appropriate financing for your engineering structure projects abroad.
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Bringing works of art to life through virtual reality

If virtual reality is mainly known in the world of entertainment, it is also a tool that is on the verge of revolutionising the construction industry.