Our Company

In our sector, it is necessary to be one step ahead of the game in order to consolidate your achievements and conquer new markets. This is why we have placed innovation at the heart of our development since 1932. In our design offices, our engineers and technicians are constantly inventing new processes, very often patented. Our basic concepts are constantly being perfected and supplemented to adapt each work to the diversity of situations and needs, while improving our competitiveness in terms of both cost and quality.

Matière® will always offer you a complete product and a customised economic solution, with all the guarantees in terms of quality, safety and respect for the environment.

Mastery of our entire value chain

From Design :

Our design offices innovate, they also accompany you. To go beyond the design of engineering structures, we also help you to meet the environmental, geographical and climatic requirements of each project. We can even direct you towards appropriate international financing.

Through Erection :

Every structure, every bridge … is produced by our employees in France. Steel sheets are cut, assembled and welded to be transformed into structures, which our factories manufacture and which our teams install after design by our engineers. The practice of some feeds the reflection of others. This is how we constantly develop our products for you.

To usage :

With us, the story of a bridge does not end with its delivery and installation. If necessary, we will help you to solve installation problems around the construction site. We ensure the maintenance and proper functioning of the bridges, tunnels, subways we have built or networks we have laid.

A few figures…

1932 Founding of the company
500 Employees
10 Factories in France
20 Partners firms
15000 Bridges and structures erected all around the world
130 M€ 2018 Turnover
60% of the turnover is made on international markets

Split in…

06% Custom works

Let's do the balance sheets...

  • Our design office enables us to adapt each structure to each project, to optimise the quantities of materials used (aggregates, cement, concrete reinforcing bars) and to ensure a lesser impact on the consumption of raw materials.
  • On-site interventions are minimised and reduce or even eliminate discharges into the natural environment (laitance, various pollutants, packaging).
  • The number of transports and the duration of nuisances for local residents are constantly decreasing
  • Our workshop and site safety rules are OUR priority: all our processes are carefully designed and audited to minimise the risks associated with civil engineering jobs.
  • Our safety systems, in terms of design, production and installation, guarantee compliance with all national and international rules.
  • Our suppliers, exclusively European, guarantee compliance with the rules as defined by the ILO.
  • Our contracts abroad are all governed by OECD rules.
  • Prefabrication in an industrial environment is the key to our quality. It is carried out according to strictly codified procedures.
  • At each stage of production, precise controls are carried out to ensure that standards are scrupulously respected. From the solidity of the concrete or welds to the quality of the protective coatings and the dimensions, this permanent monitoring makes it possible to meet all the defined requirements (stopping point, factory acceptance, reinforced quality monitoring, etc.).
  • Finally, a single contact person per project in order to optimise monitoring and meet contractual deadlines.