Prefabricated Structures


Patented works of art, consisting of a vault of three possible shapes (basket handle, round arch or ogive) fitted on a foundation slab and with a span of up to 4m.

Alba Sud plein cintre longueur 1200m Galerie technique a Montauban en 2002
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Hydraulic use
Interior passageways
plein cintre EPSE ouvrage assainissement Ouvrage d'assainissement vers Lyon

Product Benefits

  • Structural flexibility
  • Weight of the adapted parts
  • Ease of implementation
  • More than 40 possible combinations of structures
  • Control of product quality

Technical specifications

  • Range from 1.5 m to 4 m in 0.50 m steps
  • Height of the embankments
  • 3 modular shapes (ogive, full belt, basket handle), depending on the height of the embankments.

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