Panel Bridges


It is with a usual spirit of innovation that we created the MPB. A new generation panel bridge and the latest addition to the Matière® range of systems, the MPB is designed according to most international standards (AASHTO, Eurocodes, ...).

Pedestrian use
road use

Product Benefits

  • Transverse modularity (single or double track)
  • Longitudinal modularity: span width up to 61 meters per bay
  • Very easy and fast installation by crane or launch
  • Ease of transport and storage
  • Economical and lightweight
  • Pre-calculated bridge and interchangeable elements

Technical specifications

  • The MPB is designed with 3.05 m x 2.29 m side panels and cross beams.
  • Offered in standard track and wide track and double track
  • Tear plate decking or anti-skid coating

Two types of installation :

  • By Crane
  • By Launch