Prefabricated Structures


Patented vaulted structures with the addition of prefabricated central supports, cut longitudinally and transversely.

Multi-arches a Kuala Lumpur en Malaisie
Landfill structures
MultiArches-A16 Boulogne-France-2 (1)
Hydraulic use
MultiArches-Konoshita-Japon-3 (1)
Road Underpasses
Covered trenches

Product Benefits

  • Can be implemented while maintaining existing road traffic
  • Modularity of geometries according to the environment
  • Speed of implementation
  • Improved hydraulic performance
  • Aesthetic lines
  • Economical and competitive solution
  • Quality control

Technical specifications

  • Scope on demand
  • Embankment heights from 0.60 m to 25 m
  • Sail thickness 180 mm to 350 mm
  • Calculation in soil/structure interaction

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