Prefabricated Structures


Patented works of art cut into rectangular shapes, cut longitudinally and transversely into 2, 3 or 4 elements.
They can be connected transversely to each other by a connecting device that prevents any risk of piano playing.

Opticadre-Arpajon sur Cere-France (1)
Hydraulic use
Airport use
carrefour opti
Crossroads elevation
Cadre 1.5x2m Galerie technique a Gennevilliers en 1991
Technical Galleries
Interior passageways
bassin stockage
Storage tanks
OA12 ; opticadre ; largeur : 7 m ; hauteur : 5 m. Construction du passage inferieur du Chassang pour le Contournement de Saint-Flour.
Road use
Railway use
tranchee couverte
Covered trenches

Product Benefits

  • Quality and variety of facings
  • More than 100 possible configurations
  • Extremely short installation time
  • Product and process quality control

Technical specifications

  • Range from 2m to 14m with a 0.5m pitch
  • Internal height from 2 m to 8 m with a 5 cm pitch
  • Modular metal formwork
  • Possibility of building the roadway directly on the structure
  • Smooth and glazed concrete facing

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