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Construction of more than 15 bridges and flyovers in Senegal

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The Senegalese government has begun a vast project to provide the country with modern road infrastructure. As part of the implementation of the Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE), Matière® has been entrusted with the design and build of 18 Unibridge® bridges and flyovers that can be erected very quickly. Started in August 2018, let’s take a look at the progress of the works. 

Major infrastructure project in Senegal

The city of Dakar is facing serious urban traffic problems. As part of the opening up and improvement of urban mobility, the Senegalese government has entrusted Matière® with the design and build of around ten flyovers, including severals on the “Voie de Dégagement Nord (VDN)”.

A total of 5,390 linear meters of bridges and 11 km of slip road will be built in order to relieve congestion of Dakar traffic, which is particularly dense at certain times of the day, but also to improve urban mobility in densely populated areas. 

Construction of flyovers: Dakar’s traffic is growing in height 

In the Dakar metropolitan area, the first works on the VDN, the capital’s structural axis, were delivered on schedule, in fact 5 months ahead of schedule (the work on the Saint-Lazare flyover, which was scheduled to last 18 months, will in the end take only 13 months). Proof of Matière®‘s technical know-how during the execution studies, but also during the manufacture and installation of the metal structures. 

The two flyovers built in 2×2 lanes are already open to traffic. The flyover of Keur Gorgui’s Cité, with an overhall length of 202-metre, is operating since April 2020. On the other hand the 404-metre Saint-Lazare flyover was inaugurated on July 2nd last by the Minister of Infrastructure, Land Transport and Opening-up, so ten months after the beginning of the works.. A situation that considerably improves mobility in this part of the Senegalese capital.

But the project does not stop at the extension of the VDN in the heart of the city. Other works are planned, particularly in the regions. The construction of five bridges is planned in the south and east of the country, with the aim of opening up certain regions to the population and local economic development.

Keur Gorgui flyover bridge at Dakar.

A prefabricated steel reinforcement and precast concrete plant created in Diamniadio

This is not the first intervention of our teams in Senegal. Matière® factories in Belgium and Le Creusot were used to manufacture all the components (the entire deck of the Marsassoum Bridge was manufactured in Le Creusot). 

In addition to the Senegalese companies involved in the construction of those infrastructures, a Matière® steel prefabrication and precast concrete unit were created. In Diamniadio, 300 people are working daily to build  precast retaining walls and slab deck. The assembly is carried out on site, after simplified controls, which results in a substantial saving of time. 

Unibridge® modular bridges

In order to meet the specifications, the steel structures are built using Unibridge® technology, the concept of prefabricated metal bridges box girder invented by Matière®. This system is innovative in its design, original in its functionalities (modularity of geometry, possible evolution over time) and in the very rapid assembly methods used. Indeed, the panels and multiple parts give way to 11.40 metre long watertight boxes. More sophisticated, more modular, more aesthetic too, they can be transported in shipping containers, easily assembled on site by crane or ground handling. 

The preservation of the environment is also taken into account. 

The preservation of the environment was also taken into account in this project led by Matière®. In addition to improving urban mobility, the works contribute to the development of a better living environment for local residents. The construction works of Dakar’s flyover also forsee urban and landscaping development around the structure, with paved and vegetated surfaces, pedestrian walkways, playgrounds, etc. 

This new reference is an excellent showcase for Matière®‘s know-how, where the skills and talents of our teams are expressed. 

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